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Vesta High-Rise HVAC

Delivering up to 75% energy savings

HVAC upgrades to improve home comfort.

Value Add Energy Savings Through Technological Advances

Older multi-family residential buildings were not built to deliver the home comfort or energy efficiencies expected by residents in 2022.

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Central Heating,
No Cooling?

Using new technologies, Vesta can convert existing HVAC to deliver through a full building conversion. Individually controlled, on-demand heating and cooling.

We work directly with utilities to access incentives to reduce your investments.

Fan Coils That Only Deliver Heat Half of the Year, and Cooling the Other Half?

With climate changes, residents are unable to enjoy the temperature they wish to feel comfortable. Changing in-suite fan coils for heat-pumps or hybrid heat pumps provides on-demand heating or cooling anytime.

Vesta HVAC Equipment Solutions

Vesta provides building owners with a detailed proposal and a turn-key solution to convert the building’s HVAC systems to deliver a solid return on investment. Vesta also offers:

Universe Thermostat


Universe thermostats by Unilux are Wi-Fi enabled and are Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatible. They feature a touchscreen for ease of use and advanced programming.

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Extended warranty options.

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Payment Plans

Easy payment plans to meet your budget.

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